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Nature is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter what season we are in, there is beauty to behold.

In the summer we have the lush landscape, with the grass and leaves exhibiting a myriad of shades in green. Birds and insects busy themselves reproducing and raising their young. The weather hopefully warm and pleasant with long summer days of sunshine.

For me though, the end of summer and throughout the autumn is my favourite. The landscape slowly begins to change as the leaves start to die back.

As the evening light starts to lessen and the days become shorter, the leaves begin their transformation. It is most noticeable inside of woodland where, the ferns covering the forest floor, start to dry out and lose their colour as they die back. In these photos you can still see the green of the canopy but beneath the ferns are fading fast. Soon they will be gone, composted into the forest floor.

As the season progresses the leaves on the deciduous trees start to die back too, changing from vibrant greens to varying shades of reds, yellows, golds and rust before they fall, carpeting the floor below.

Here, we have a picture of a village green in the autumn. This is the stunning sight you see in front of you,as you turn the corner from the country road into the village. The trees dying back slowly, preparing to rest for the winter, before sending out new growth in the spring.

Autumn Leaves – Changing colour before they fall

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Ultimately, and it may take hundreds of years, the tree itself will die, leaving a skeleton for us to admire. No more colourful leaves for this tree, however, its framework, lit up in the early evening sun is beautiful.

These photos were taken by me last autumn and, in the near future they will be available as cards or prints and maybe as fridge magnets too!

In the meantime if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please contact me


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